First Unit Going Off Assembly Line in the Expanded Production Capacity of New Modules at Talesun Solar Thailand Base

Release Time:2023-12-20

At 9:58 am on December 18, 2023, a ceremony was held at Talesun Solar Thailand Production Base as the first went off the assembly line in the expanded production capacity of M2 component. The exciting milestone moment was witnessed by Mr. Xu Shengwen, chairman of the said base, Mr. Fang Liang, the general manager, the principal and employees of each department.



Leveraging the Company’s experience of factory building and manufacturing accumulated in the photovoltaic industry over the years, since the equipment for the expanded production capacity of new Modules moved in Talesun Thailand Base in November 2023, each department has achieved an efficient output of Modules with vigor and coordination to refresh the “Record of Talesun”. Currently, Talesun Thailand is equipped with several production lines of efficient battery and Modules and has established an automated, intelligent and information-based production system. The Thailand Base has reached an advanced level in the industry in terms of production organization, technology and quality control. In the stage of production increase, each department of the base will go all out to ensure that Talesun fulfills its strategic goal of overseas shipment.



That the M2 Modules went off the assembly line signifies that the deployment of Talesun Solar in the global manufacture of high-quality photovoltaic Modules has been further deepened. In the future, Talesun Solar will focus its effort on the R&D and production of efficient solar Modules, go deeper into more efficient fields of technology, promote the development of the photovoltaic industry, and bring a higher power generation feedback to the clients with its splendid product performance.