Talesun Solar Thailand production base officially launches module capacity expansion

Release Time:2023-10-31

At 9 a.m. of October 31, 2023, the first batch of photovoltaic main production equipment was smoothly delivered to the M2 module workshop of Talesun Solar production base in Thailand. Base chairman Xu Shengwen and general manager Fang Liang gathered with employees of all departments to witness this exciting and memorable milestone moment. The arrival of the new equipment has injected new vitality and new momentum into the module workshop that is running at full capacity!



The expansion has gone through two months of intensive planning, ranging from equipment technology selection to the implementation of the final plan. All the departments have made concerted efforts and worked overtime to complete the project design ahead of schedule. This leaves sufficient logistics preparation time for the subsequent delivery of equipment to the factory, giving full play to the Talesun spirit that is unafraid of hardship or fatigue, and dare to make dedications.



At present, Talesun Solar Thailand has qualification certificates for photovoltaic power station design, EPC construction, operation and maintenance management, and has the ability of furnishing new energy power overall solutions. The expansion of the module workshop in the Thai base provides a strong impetus for Talesun Solar to continue to explore the overseas market. In the future, Talesun Solar will give full play to its strong technical accumulation, excellent staff team, and reasonable industrial layout, always adhere to the “quality first” principle, and strictly ensure the positive power tolerance of all modules, to bring high-quality product guarantee and high-yield power generation feedback to customers, and make positive contributions to the global energy transformation.