Talesun Solar floating photovoltaic project officially connected to the grid for power generation

Release Time:2023-11-06

Recently, the floating photovoltaic project, developed by D3Energy, and located at the Duke Energy Hines Complex in Florida, USA, was officially connected to the grid for power generation. The project uses 1,872 Talesun high-performance double-sided modules, equating to 1MW of power. After interconnection, this FPV system has the capacity to power over 100 local households annually.



Not only does this floating photovoltaic project have minimal shading, thus boosting highly efficient production, it also saves valuable land resources. At the same time, it also improves panel efficiency due to the the cooling effect of the water. Depending on location and water depth, the cooling effect of the water can increase panel production between 5-15%.



In the construction of floating photovoltaic pojects, the modules need to overcome a series of problems, such as humidity, corrosion, and stormy waves, in a complex environment. To ensure the safety and reliability of the modules and the stability of power generation, Talesun has implemented strict quality control measures at all stages of the manufacturing process. Mr. Xing Yabin,  Overseas Marketing Sales and Operation Senior VP of Talesun , said: It has constantly innovated product technologies and enriched product lines to meet diversified needs of various types of customers for photovoltaic modules. The company has been awarded with the PVEL TOP Performer honor for many years. Its products are fully qualified for floating photovoltaic project, and its agricultural photovoltaic solutions are also highly praised around the world. Talesun has long adhered to the positive tolerance of module power, and been committed to provide its clients with high-quality product assurance and high returns from power generation.