Talesun Solar participates in Agrivoltaics Canada, actively explores the future of agricultural PV development!

Release Time:2023-12-18

On December 11, 2023 local time, Talesun Solar attended the second Agrivoltaics Canada under invitation. The forum mainly focused on whether the integration of photovoltaic technology and agriculture can increase the income of local farmers in Canada and whether it can improve the mass production of crops.



As the representative of the only invited Chinese PV enterprise, Mr. Qu Xinyu, sales manager of Talesun Solar in the Canadian and American Region, shared at the venue many successful cases of the company in product development and model promotion and application in the global agricultural PV field in recent years, which received high attention of the participants.

In response to a query by a guest at the forum about the current situation of agricultural PV in China, Mr. Qu Xinyu said: “The agricultural PV technology has been fairly mature in China. From the government-driven development at the very beginning, to the gradual integration and optimization of regional resources, to the combination of science and technology and agriculture to improve mass production and achieve a virtuous cycle, and to today’s upgrading, the PV agriculture has developed from the original passive acceptance to the present initiative needs. This is enough to prove that the development of PV agriculture has really brought more and better benefits for farmers. We are willing to work closely with all the experts here, including biologists, climatologists, science and technology experts, to provide our own value in Canadian agricultural PV development.”

As a global leader in PV agriculture, Talesun Solar has established demonstration bases in Ibaraki of Japan, and Changshu of Jiangsu Province, Guanxian of Shandong Province, Kaifeng of Henan Province, and Yugan of Jiangxi Province in China, with remarkable results. It has obtained more than 30 international and domestic invention patents, and has been highly recognized by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Land and Resources in China.

Talesun Solar — some agricultural PV cases



Looking to the future, Talesun Solar will continue to explore and innovate in the “photovoltaic +” field. With the development of the times, more and more new technologies and new models will further reduce the cost of photovoltaic power per kilowatt-hour and improve the comprehensive benefit. We are willing to work with our peers to promote the diversification and high-quality development of the PV industry, and make positive contributions to the transformation of the world’s energy structure.